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Nonverbal Learning Disorders

Nonverbal Learning Disorders

Nonverbal Learning DisordersNonverbal Learning DisordersNonverbal Learning Disorders

Nonverbal Learning Disorders: A School and Life Perspective can be purchased on Amazon in paperback or Kindle eBook format.  

What is a Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD)?

NLD is a brain-based difference that has many strengths and weaknesses. Areas of strength typically include early speech and vocabulary development, precocious reading skills, and assets with spelling and rote memory skills. Challenging areas include visual-spatial concerns, motor control (including gross and fine motor skills) and social-emotional development.  

Does Your Child Have?


Early and developed speech 

Read books prior to expected time frame for reading

 Demonstrates interest with adults, older children, or younger children 

Areas of Concern


Gross and fine motor skills

Gross: riding a bike, unsteady balance, skipping 

Fine: tying shoes, cutting and pasting, writing with a pencil

Visual-spatial organization 

Lack of visual image, challenges copying from the board or a book, organizational challenges, transitions are difficult

Social-emotional challenges 

Overly trusting, “black and white” thinking, difficulty  making age-appropriate friends, challenges in responding in conversations, lacks confidence